The Entrepreneur Hot Seat


Show description

The Entrepreneur Hot Seat is a podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to hear about different types of businesses and the challenges other entrepreneurs are facing and what they are doing to overcome those challenges. In each episode, the host (Andy Storch) will interview a different entrepreneur (some very successful, some just starting out) to learn about the business and what they are struggling with and try to pull some lessons from the conversation.

Why did I start this podcast? 

I have always been passionate about entrepreneurship. I've been involved with multiple start-ups and have had a few side businesses that didn’t go anywhere. For the last six years I have consulted with managers and executives at major companies around the world, but my passion has always been in entrepreneurship. I've also been a big podcast fan and listener for more than a decade. Over the last couple of years, as I’ve rekindled my desire to run my own business, I've listened to a number of different podcasts targeted at entrepreneurs. Some examples include Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire), Eventual Millionaire, Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod, Smart Passive Income, Millionaire Mindcast, etc.. For the most part, they seem to follow a pretty standard formula, in which the host interviews someone successful and asks how they did it and what advice they have for aspiring entrepreneurs.

There is much to learn from these podcasts and I love listening to them. I almost always learn something. I want to do something similar but also differentiate myself by challenging them and asking them about the major challenges they are struggling with right now. These could be business-related or personal. Then I would ask follow-up questions and, if there is time, attempt to coach them through the challenge. We won't always come to a resolution but my hope would be that by asking questions, I could help them think things through and give my audience something to think about as well (especially if they are facing similar challenges). At the very least, we will have a good conversation.