Mastermind Group


Napoleon Hill analyzed some of history’s top performers in Think and Grow Rich. He found that many of them were part of a mastermind group at one time or another. In fact, a single mastermind group included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Warren G. Harding, and Thomas Edison.

Why are mastermind groups so powerful?

Because great people need great company. Together, they have a habit of pushing each other to achieve more and to be better versions of themselves. Their unique perspectives, resources, and skills make each individual greater than himself.

About the Mastermind Group

Joining the mastermind group means you’re making a commitment, not only to yourself but also to the members of the group. Your mastermind experience includes:

  • Meetings Every 2 Weeks
  • Video Chat Virtual Meetings
  • Privately Shared Call Recordings
  • 6 Month Commitment
  • Groups are limited to maximize participation

Accelerate Your Progress


You’ll be in a group of like-minded, high-performers who are committed to bettering themselves. You’ll definitely make new friends and professional connections along the way.



Because you’ll be working with high performers, they’ll hold you to your promises. They won’t be satisfied unless you hit your goals, too.


Learn and Achieve

As you learn from and contribute to the mastermind group, you and other mastermind members will gain new success. You’ll share life and business lessons to level up faster.


Groups may be organized by theme or topic and are not limited to any one type of person. If you have an idea for a group and would like for me to facilitate, contact me and let me know. 

How to Join

Apply now to become a mastermind contributor. 

I’m currently accepting a few new members but space is extremely limited.