Do you have a Scarcity Mindset (about sports)?

Do you have a Scarcity Mindset? Do you believe there is only a limited amount of success available in the world and/or do you begrudge others who are more successful than you or who are successful on a regular basis? More specifically, are you rooting against the Patriots (or Eagles) because you "hate" them or begrudge their success?

I was one of those people for a long time. Envious of the success of others. Disliking sports teams or stars because they were so successful so often. I “hated” the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and the LA Lakers (even when I had season tickets) because I was tired of seeing them win so much. But I’ve changed a lot over the years and come to realize that there is an abundance of success available and that it is healthier (and more fun) to be inspired by and root for success rather than begrudge it. And I have noticed that this creates energy and momentum and causes others to root for your success, and that the opposite (envy/scarcity) drains energy over time.

Last year we were at two Super Bowl parties and I heard multiple people tell me they were rooting against the Patriots because they “hate Tom Brady” or even crazier, they said they “hate Giselle” (who was not even playing in the game, of course).

As I reflected on that throughout the night and the year, I thought it was kind of a sad way to watch a football game (rooting against a team because you “hate” them due to some arbitrary reason you made up in your head) so I have vowed not to do it again.

I don’t watch much NFL (none really) so I don’t care that much who wins tonight, but I will watch some of the game and I will be happy if the Patriots win because I admire the hell out of Tom Brady and Bill Billichick for the dynasty they’ve put together (despite parity and all the odds) and the way they won last year. And if the Eagles overcome the odds and upset the Patriots, that will be cool too. Either way, I’ll be having fun with my family and friends and eating lots of food.

Who or what are you rooting for?

Enjoy the game!