Lifetime 1RM matched on flat bench!

When I was a senior in college, I lifted weights every day with a really strong guy named Evan. I clearly remember the day we both walked into the rec center and hit our best max on the flat bench press. Mine was 255lbs one time (his was much higher). In the 15 years since that day, I’ve lifted weights haphazardly and never really thought I would be as strong as I was at 22. But that mindset changed over the last six months as I got more disciplined and consistent with my lifting and saw my strength increase. I’ve been thinking about this max for the last few weeks and wondering if I could hit it.

Yesterday, I gave it a shot and am really proud to say that I matched that 1RM of 255lbs with no assistance and really not much difficulty. It felt really good.

This is a testament to the idea that age really is just a number and a mindset and that we can continue to exercise, lift and build strength no matter how old we are. And also that you can build strength without being huge. I think when I hit that max at 22, I weigh about 185lbs and looked big. Today I am a lean 175lbs, and yet I keep getting stronger every week.

I’ve been inspired by many friends who continue to lift and work hard every day and post about their successes and failures and I love seeing people work hard to achieve goals. This is just one stop on my journey and I plan to continue to put in the work and hopefully exceed this max and keep getting stronger. Let’s go!


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